Rules & Regulations


All attendees on grounds (competitors, spectators, vendors, staff, etc) are required to follow all current and forthcoming rules for COVID set forth by Mississippi State University, the City of Starkville, Oktibbeha County and the state of Mississippi.

  • Social distancing will be required and strictly enforced throughout the weekend. All individuals and/or family groups should maintain a physical distance of 6 feet or more between others at all times and wash hand frequently. There will be hand sanitizer stations located throughout the building for you to utilize.
  • Facial coverings are required when entering the building with the exception of those coming in to compete. Please bring your own mask/face covering or you will not be allowed inside the building. This applies to all competitors, spectators, vendors and staff. If anyone is not following the rules, they will be ask to leave and/or disqualified.
  • The show office will be open but social distancing will be practiced with a limited number of people allowed in at one time. To limit as much onsite office interactions as possible, please pre-enter if you know you are coming. Please add any additional stalls, RV’s, shavings, etc before the online entries close on September 9 at noon.

Order: All contestants must be checked in and in holding area 5 spots prior to run or you will be disqualified. All contestants must run in order as horse and rider are listed on the draw or you will be disqualified. Horse or rider changes are welcome with appropriate form completed prior to the race.

Drag: Drag after each 5, big drag after 50.

Special Requests: Stalls and RV's MUST be reserved online BEFORE noon on September 9. Stalls and RV's are on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are requesting to be stalled by someone, you MUST request early and it is NOT guaranteed. If you are reserving online and making requests, you and your barn mates must reserve online within THREE HOURS of each other. Otherwise, you will NOT be stalled together. All requests for draws, stalls, RV's, etc... MUST BE requested on your entry form online. Requests that are sent in via Facebook, email, and/or text message will not be honored. NO GUARANTEES.


Senior Race You can run in the open or roll your time over from Senior Race to the open and sidepots. If they do run twice, your time from the open will be used if you enter the sidepot. You must designate BEFORE the senior race.

Young Guns must be 12 years old as of January 1, 2021. Young Guns must be entered by 9:30 am on Saturday. You can run in the open or roll your time over from Young Guns to the open and sidepot. If they do run twice, their time from the open will be used if you enter sidepot. You must designate BEFORE the young guns race.

2 Ways to Enter:

1. Easy online pre-registration from Wednesday, August 11 at noon – Thursday, September 9 at noon. You must pay with a credit card. If you want to be stalled with someone, everyone in the group must note it on their entry forms in the request box and enter within a three hours of each other online. ANY AND ALL REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN THE ENTRY FORM IN THE REQUEST BOX. NO REQUESTS WILL BE GRANTED THROUGH EMAIL, TEXT MESSAGE, OR FACEBOOK.

2. On site Race Entries Only with CASH or CREDIT until first horse of the day runs.

Payouts: All checks will be mailed out from Mississippi State University two weeks after the show. Your mailing address and social security number is required to collect winnings. 75% payback on all classes. Please confirm the show office has your social security number BEFORE leaving the show.

Parking: No running generators next to the barns. You will have to be a designated distance from the horse stalls. Fire lanes are a must around the barns and minimum of 12 feet in front of the stalls must be kept clear for all contestants to have access to their stalls.


  • No dogs allowed inside the MS Horse Park. All service dogs must be wearing certification vest and present card if requested. All dogs on the grounds must be kept on a leash.
  • No tie-outs overnight or porta-pens. No tying horses to arena panels. No plugging trailers into barns.
  • Only one horse per stall.
  • Horse and rider changes are welcome with appropriate form completed prior to the race.
  • Contestants must ride in the order the horse and rider are listed in the draw.
  • Dress code is full western attire.
  • No circling the barrel more than once. Do not train during a run.